Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator - The main functions and responsibilities according to the service packages are listed below. However the scope of our work is much wider and entirely depends on your wishes. Since we don't know the words NO or IMPOSSIBLE


(management of all organizational processes and control of vendors' work on wedding day)

  • meeting with a couple and inclusion into the preparatory process 2-3 weeks before the event
  • preparation of a scenario plan, timing and technical plan of a wedding day
  • call to all vendors on the eve of the wedding
  • control of florists` and decorators work on the venue
  • accompanying from the stylists arrival until 11 p.m.
  • meeting guests and help with seating 
  • control of timing implementation
  • synchronization of kitchen work with the script of the host and the artists performance
  • work with force majeures and unforeseen situations (within the scope of authority)
  • financial settlement with vendors on behalf of a couple
  • packing of personal belongings of the newlyweds and bringing into the room or at the place agreed on the eve
  • taxi service for guests


Our first meeting: 2-3 weeks before the wedding


COST OF SERVICE: 7000 UAH - work of 2 coordinators (+ coordinator 3000 UAH)

(the number of coordinators is regulated depending on the density of the wedding day program and on the number of wedding guests)


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